k eggs and a building with n floors

Problem statement

This is a very popular math puzzle (). You are given ‘k’ identical eggs and you have access to a building with ‘n’ floors. You can move up the floors of this building and drop an egg. If the egg breaks at the current floor ‘x’, then it will break at all floors above ‘x’. If the egg breaks, you must discard it. If the egg does not break at the current floor ‘x’, then it also won’t break at any floor below ‘x’. We call ‘x’ the critical floor. …

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Text recognition is a very powerful machine learning technique that has a lot of potential in text based searches and digitization. I chose this topic as my Capstone project for Udacity’s Machine Learning Engineer Nano degree program.

There are numerous blog posts on text recognition (you can easily tell by the number of references I have linked)! So, you might be wondering what’s different here. My aim is to provide an overview of some of the most important steps in a typical machine learning workflow — data exploration, model selection and evaluation. This blog is a small compilation of many…

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We are given two arrays which are sorted and our goal is to find the median of these arrays in logarithmic time and O(1) space complexity (). This is a very common question that has numerous solutions posted all over the internet. However, it took me some time to wrap my head around it. I would like to describe my thought process and solution here.

Problem statement

To begin with, this is how we compute the median for a single sorted array:

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